Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Blog Commenting

For the start of the day LS2 had to comment on 5 blogs, within five blog comments. I have blog commented on Mere, Juanita, Breeana's Blog. I have given feedback, and also asked questions. It was fun learning about things aswell.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Year 8 Hockey Review

Today the Yr 8 students from LS2 had a 45 minute session with Bell our Hockey Instructor. We all learnt how to play hockey and tips on how hockey is played. The first tip was turning your arm side to side for the ball to be with in your place. Our second tip was learning different types of speed modes. Red which means stop Orange which means slow down but still dribble the ball Green means go in a normal speed Purple means reverse Silver, speed as fast as you can, Also Blue means you need to go around in a round about. 

Godwit Sketchnote Template

This poster above shows what my partner and I have been learning. Our learning attention was to learn how to create a sketch note that shows our connections to our learning. The thing that Jessie like about this activity was that we learnt different learning about Godwits, which was when the Godwits return to New Zealand on a non-stop flight across the Pacific Ocean, taking 7–9 days, from September to mid-October.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Hyperbole Sheet 1 Task 1

Hyperbole - Sheet 1

L.I. Know parts of speech
Know literary devices

Hyperbole - A deliberately used exaggeration that is not meant to be taken seriously.  e.g I’ve got mountains of homework this evening.

Some of the following sentences are examples of hyperbole, but others could be literally true. High light hyperbole pink, and true statements blue.

A. It rained cats and dogs last night.  
B. Our garden is overrun with cats and dogs.
C. The branch snapped off without warning.
D. He snapped my head off.
E. I’ve had millions of interruptions in this classroom today.
F. There are millions of stars in the Milky Way.
G. It took me ages to solve the crossword today.
H. It has taken ages for the Waikato River to carve out its route to the sea.
I. A car skidded off the road, crashed into the building and brought down     the roof.
J. As Charles completed his solo, the applause of the audience brought down the house


As you can see this is my Document is based on Hyperbole. In this activity I have been learning how to know each parts of Speech. Also knowing literary devices. I have been enjoying this activity because it helps me in writing, it helps me learn more things about Hyperbole.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Silent Maths Challenge

Today for Maths LS2 had a Silent Maths Challenge to complete. This challenge was about flight testing and graphing. The reason why we had a Flight Challenge was because our topic for this term 2016 is all about Flight. Each group took time to fly there final paper plane. Slowly by slowly each group had to record there measurements within how far there planes flew.